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What is Bead Beating?

Bead beating is a simple method that has been widely used to disrupt cells. It’s a common lab scale method that uses steel beads, first developed by Tim Hopkins in the 1970’s. The process is done to allow the beads to collide with the cellular sample or bacteria which opens it and releases the biological molecules.

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What Are Laboratory Hoods?

A laboratory hood or commonly known as fume hood is considered a critical piece of laboratory equipment. Not only does it allow personnel to perform their task efficiently, but it also keeps them safe from any potential hazard in a partially enclosed space. The hood is usually set back against a wall and, from time to time, is filled with fills on top in order to cover exhaust ductwork.

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How To Choose The Right Lab Equipment For Your Practice

Whether you are a lab professional or training to be one, it’s important that you know which lab equipment to use for your practice. Without the right tools, it will be difficult to achieve quick and accurate results for your tests.  You need analytical equipment that will deliver reliable results for diagnostic procedures. They need to be made of suitable, high quality materials to ensure that they can withstand heavy use without malfunctioning. Brand and quality come first. Choose only the trusted brands. 

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What are Anaerobic Chambers?

What are Anaerobic Chambers Anaerobes are organisms that grow without air or need an oxygen free environment to live. Anaerobic chambers are creating these anaerobic environments for studying these organisms

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The Importance Of Growth Chambers

The Importance Of Growth Chambers Plant growth chambers are designed to create ideal environmental conditions with the right temperature and humidity to maximize plant growth

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